About Us

At Aussie Sun Solar our mission is to provide the best quality Solar product to utilize solar energy at it max with lowest cost.Champion the transition from fossil fuel to inexpensive, clean, sustainable solar energy and empower homes and communities. We are constantly innovating and customizing our products to stay at the vanguard of technology.

Our Vision Is to provide a tailor made solution for every roof in Australia because we know that every roof is different and needs to be treated differently. With our extensive knowledge we aim to provide a tailor made solution for all kinds of customers Residential or Commercial. Our designer and Engineer will look at every roof and make sure you get the best out of your investment.

We firmly believe that the delivery of solar alongside smart energy solutions will play a major role in the future of global energy.

Highly technical and Experienced team to fulfill our customer needs

Highly Competitive Prices

Bespoke Service

A Higher Return On Investment

A Truly Personal Service


What People Say

Absolutely wonderful. Super happy with my system and batteries. We’re feeding into grid and hardly even using any power off the grid at all, even at night, that’s including using 2 x 15A industrial machines. Work is exceptionally tidy and clean.


Proud Home Owner in Warwick


What People Say

Very happy with my 10kw solar system installed by Aussie Sun Solar. Very happy to receive credit on power bill while we were away. After checking Binit out, very happy doing business with Aussie Sun Solar.


Proud Home Owner in Strathpine


What People Say

I would highly recommend AUSSIE SUN SOLAR for the informative guidelines and genuine support. I’m extremely satisfied with the performance of the 10KW solar system installed about 10 months ago. Not paying any power bill. Going again with AUSSIE SUN SOLAR for business.


Proud Home Owner in Beenleigh