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Aussie Sun Solar runs under the Australian Privacy Principles that has within it the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act). The Principles have been created to protect the confidentiality of info. The principles have been created to protect an individuals privacy by overseeing and monitoring the way a person’s info is regulated.

Personal info is usually info or an opinion relative to a particular person, which can be used to identify a person.

Aussie Sun Solar may also gather and use info about individuals and companies in the ways set out here.


We gather personal info relating to shareholders, customers, employees and other individuals. We collect personal info via records of communications, personal contact and third parties that include public sources.

See Collection of personal info underneath for details.

We make use of personal info for purposeful factors which include: to manage, provide and improve our services and products, comprehend you and perform direct marketing.

See Use and Disclosure of Personal Info underneath for details that include how to opt out of direct marketing.

This Privacy Policy sets out some other info for particular contexts and individuals. See the sections on Online, Customers, Job Applicants, Shareholders and Staff underneath where it is relevant to you.

Our separate Credit Reporting Policy may also apply to you as a guarantor or customer in direct relationship to some credit arrangements.We take varying measures to safeguard the security of personal info.

We take varying measures to destroy info when it’s no longer applicably needed.

You might have rights to correct and access your personal info that we possess in particular circumstances.See Accessing and Correcting Your Personal Info underneath for particular details.

You can contact us if need be. In particular instances, you might be able to relay your complaints, concerns etc with an external body. See Complaints About an Interference with Privacy underneath for particulars.

Collection of Personal Info

Aussie Sun Solar gathers particular personal info in various situations, such as when you engage with us or contact us.

The kinds of personal info that we gather might include info relating to: 

(a) customers 

(b) suppliers 

(c) shareholder 

(d) personal contacts at suppliers or corporate clients 

(e) employees 

(f) other individuals who come into a connection in the regular course of business 

(g) Individuals seeking employment with Aussie Sun Solar

The kinds of personal info (that include historical information) we gather include your contact details, name, information, identification, positions held, organisation.

Other kinds of personal info we gather are payment details, info in forms you submit and complaint/enquiry details.

We also gather metering data and personal info in relation to your transactions and interactions with us. This can include any connection you’ve had with us (email, telephone, online etc)

We may gather your organisational affiliation or heath info to decide your eligibility for services, applicable discounts or treatment (example: hardship).

We will monitor whether you have consented before using, disclosing or gathering your sensitive info.

The only time we won’t do this is when the gathering of the info is a legal requirement.

Sensitive info is an opinion or info about a person’s ethnic origin, individual’s race, membership of a political association or political opinions, religious affiliations or beliefs.

Sensitive info can also include membership of a professional or trade association, philosophical beliefs, sexual preferences or practices, membership of a trade union, genetics, criminal record, health or biometrics.

Some personal info is gathered under laws. These laws can include various energy industry laws applicable to Aussie Sun Solar. For example, there is a requirement to record info we are given in relation to customers on life support. This is because these particular individuals have a special need for thorough continuity in the power supplied to them.

This info is gathered in various ways including via personal contact such as business events and activities. Other ways include telephone, mail, email or other online.

Please note that our websites do not give systems for safeguarded transference via the internet, except where specified.Aussie Sun Solar might monitor and take record of any communications with us. We might make use of video and audio surveillance operations in our residential places for purposes including record keeping, security and training.

We might also gather and use personal info accessible from other Aussie Sun companies, via public sources like telephone listings, and from other third party sources including where it is necessary to identify customers. For example, real estate agents and builders might give particular details of new tenants and occupants who are using electricity and/or gas.In situations that you provide us with personal info about another individual you must have first obtained their permission to give their personal info to us based on this Privacy Policy.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

In general, Aussie Sun Solar might use or give personal info for the following purposeful reasons: 

(a) provide our services and products to people 

(b) meet your needs and understand you 

(c) process refunds and payments 

(d) verify your personal info and identity 

(e) update and maintain our records and carry out other admin tasks 

(f) manage and communicate our connection with you. Also improve our services and products. Some ways we do this is by conducting other research and surveys. 

(g) connect with your concerns, enquiries and applications 

(h) stop, investigate, detect, and counter unlawful action and misconduct (whether suspected or actual) and 

(i) adhere with legal duties and safeguard our lawful interests.

We might not be able to do the above mentioned things without your personal info. For example, we may not be able to communicate with you for any reason including providing our services.

We might also use and disclose your personal info relative with potential acquisitions or acquisitions otherwise related to our business purposes.

We also make usage of your personal info to market and promote service and products to yourself, including via electronic methods like SMS, mobile apps, websites and email. We might also make these contacts to you via the phone. We do this to ensure you are informed of services, products and special offers. Even after you continue to acquire services from us we may still inform you of above mentioned contacts.

If for any reason (such as opting out of any subscriptions or newsletters) you no longer wish to be in contact please phone us.

We may interchange personal info with: 

(a) specialist advisers and service providers who have been contracted to give maintenance and installation, admin, meter reading, research, financial, auditing, archival, customer contact, accounting, legal, sales, banking, business consulting, credit management, delivery, debt collection, data analysis, data processing, research, information broking, investigation, marketing, technology, website or other services. 

(b) different energy retailers (e.g other energy retailers in relation with moving your services or where Aussie Sun Solar are providing services to them; 

(c) the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) which regulates energy supply, capacity and demand in line with particular legalities 

(d) lawyers, insurers, tribunals, regulatory authorities and courts lawyers, courts, (including the Australian Tax Office) as needed or authorised legally or in line with their reasonable info requests 

(e) insurance investigators; or 

(f) your representatives and anyone else authorised by you, as specified by you or the contract. The third parties described above may have location in India, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Fiji, Indonesia and other countries. The countries noted in this Policy might alter from time to time. You can check the up to date list at any time.

Additional Info for Particular Individuals and Contexts


We might exchange your personal information with any relevant loyalty program partners and debt buyers.

In some instances, customers are introduced to Aussie Sun Solar through third party introducers such as energy comparison services and sales partners.

We might also gather info about your usage of our services and products via means such as devices like Solar Command and Smart Meters.

With this technology, Aussie Sun Solar are able to gather remotely and give you detailed data in relation to usage times and other energy usage.

This gives yourself and Aussie Sun Solar the ability to see trends and forecasts, monitor your usage, diagnose issues, set alerts, reduce environmental impacts, compare usage to similar properties and identify service and product enhancements.

We might also give you the ways from moment to moment to connect ‘smart appliances’ to give appliance specific usage data. We might also use no longer identified usage data for various purposeful reasons that include service and product development and enhancement and network planning.

Sometimes our business for metering Active Stream gives Smart Meter services where you are an energy retailers customer other than for Aussie Sun Solar. In this case we are obliged to greater restrictions on our ability to disclose your personal info to other Aussie Sun Solar companies unless we get authorised consent or another exception applies.

There might be other info relative to your privacy in the customer terms and conditions. Please see them. If you obtain or apply for services from us on credit then our Credit Reporting Policy may have relevance for you.


Aussie Sun Solar manage various services online to give info and services. These include our website, email, mobile apps and social media.

Our Online Facilities might make use of ‘cookies’ from moment to moment. A cookie is an information piece that gives our system the ability to interact and identity more effectively with your device.

The cookie support us in sustaining the continuity of your browsing session and remembering your preferences and details when you visit us again. You can make use of web browser software to not accept cookies but some sections of our website may not function fully in that case.

In some instances third parties might make use of other technologies and cookies such as JavaScript and web beacons on our Online Facilities in relation with services online like traffic analytics, surveys and banner advertising.

This might allow them to gather info relative to your usage of our Online Facilities (that include your computer’s IP address) which they might store in other countries or the United States. The usage of these technologies allows them to measure the effectiveness of their advertising, deliver customised advertising content, evaluate users use of our Online Facilities and other websites and provide other services relating to website activity and internet usage.

Third parties might also transfer the info they gather to others where it is a legal requirement, or where those others process the info on the third parties behalf. The services we might use from moment to moment include Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Yahoo, DoubleClick, Microsoft and Adobe.

For those services you can find more particular details in their respective privacy policies. This info includes ways to opt out where you choose fitting to do so.

If you are giving consideration to sending us any personal info otherwise via our Online Facilities or by other means electronically, please know that the info might not be safeguarded in transit, especially where there is no encryption used (example: standard HTTP, email). We are obliged under laws requiring us to safeguard personal info security the moment it is in our possession.

Our Online Facilities might have within them links to third party services or websites. We take no responsibility for the policies or privacy practices of the third party companies.


If you are a shareholder of any company within the Aussie Sun Solar group, it may be a requirement for you to give us your tax file number, which is kept safeguarded on the particular share register. According to Australian tax legislation, we might give particular advice to the ATO, which includes dividend info.

We might also gather details of your investment that include paid dividends. We are authorised or required to gather particular info relative to shareholders under laws which include the Corporations Act and Taxation Administration Act.

Aussie Sun Solar use, gather and disclose your personal info to provide shareholder services and appropriate your investment with us.

Corporations Act 2001, section 173 details the situations in which our companies have requirement to give access on their share register being requested. The share register organises all shareholders’ addresses, shareholdings and names. We might give info from the share register to deal with particular requests. These requests can include identifying the top 100 shareholders.

Aussie Sun Solar might exchange your personal info with your accountant, stockbroker, family member or other person who you have given permission to speak with in relation to your account.

For these instances, you will need to meet the requirement of identifying that person as your authorised agent.

We might also exchange your personal info with our service provider for the shareholder registry.

For more info in relation to our current provider and their provided services, please check Shareholder Services.

You can review our provider’s Privacy Policy by contacting them or visiting their website.

Job applicants 

If you make a job application with us, we might also gather info about your experience, qualifications, screening checks (including reference, health, directorship, background, identity, financial probity, vocational suitability, eligibility to work, criminal record and alcohol/drugs check).

We gather, use and disclose your personal info to conduct screening checks, assess your application and contact you and consider you in relation to other job opportunities.

We might exchange your personal info with recruiters, academic institutions, health service providers, screening check providers, law enforcement agencies, professional and trade associations, current and previous employers and referees.

We might not be able to move forward with consideration of your potential position with us without your personal info.


This section relates to our former and current employees and contractors in addition to the recruitment portion above.

We may gather info relating to your former or current employment or engagement, which includes info relating to your disciplining, training, termination, resignation, emergency contact details, terms and conditions, conduct, performance, payroll matters, resources, recreation, union or professional/trade association membership, leave and taxation, recreation, banking or superannuation affairs.

We are authorised or required to gather your personal info under various laws which include Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act, the Fair Work Act and Taxation Administration Act.

Aussie Sun Solar gathers, uses and discloses your personal info for purposes relating to your engagement or employment with us including, training, engagement, payroll, disciplining, health and safety, superannuation, insurance (including work cover), administration and staff management purposes.

We might exchange your personal info with your reps (including unions) and our service providers which include banking, providers of payroll, surveillance, staff benefits and training services.

Without your personal info we might not be able to be effective in managing your engagement or employment.

Note please that companies within the Aussie Sun Solar group are not bound by the Principles mentioned in the next sentence. The principles are in relation to management of their own former or current employee’s records in regards to direct employment relationship.

We may rely on this exception in spite of this Privacy Policy.

Management of Personal Information

We understand that your personal info including address and personal circumstance may alter frequently.

You can support us to make sure that the personal info we hold about you is up to date and accurate. Contact us please to let us know of any changes.

We store personal info in hard copy and electronically at both our own establishment and with the help of our service providers.

We execute various procedures to safeguard the security of that personal info. We are also required to enforce reasonable action to destroy personal info when it no longer serves a purpose.

Accessing and Correcting Your Personal Information

Under the Principles, you might have the right to get access to personal info which Aussie Sun Solar stores in relation to you and to let us know if you see any inaccuracy.

We will examine any direction by you to alter or correct info and let you know of the efforts taken.

You might also ask to access your personal info by connecting with us by a method displayed in Section 8 of this Policy.

You might be asked: 

(a) to write an Information Request Form 

(b) to confirm through verification your identity through written document and/or 

(c) if the inquiry contains excessive admin resources or time, to pay a fee. If this is the case, Aussie Sun Solar will let you know the likely cost beforehand and can help refine your request if needed. Please note that in particular circumstances because of the Privacy Act, you may not be allowed access to or correction of your personal info (for example, if providing access would have an unreasonable impact upon the privacy of other persons or would be unlawful in any way.

In these instances it is a requirement that we provide you our reasons.

Complaints About An Interference With Privacy

If you think that any efforts taken by Aussie Sun Solar breaches these Principles or this Privacy Policy, you can contact us and put in a complaint. Aussie Sun Solar will attempt to act promptly in responding to any complaint.

If your privacy issues are not rectified to the extent that you wish, you can connect with: 

Phone: 1300 363 992; The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Updates to this policy

Our Privacy Policy will be reviewed and renewed from day to day to oblige to new laws and to take account of updated technology.