Upgrade Your Existing Solar Panel System

Planning to Upgrade Your Existing Solar Panel System in 2020?

Upgrade Your Existing Solar Panel:

If you have already installed a solar system, you have helped humanity by reducing carbon footprints by not consuming conventional electrical energy. We thank you for going with solar. Are you still planning to reduce your electricity cost by adding some extra panels of facilities to improve solar efficiency and generate more solar energy? It’s great to know that.

The process of upgrading solar panels to the current system is not the same as when you installed it the first time. A vast difference is there. The factors are different and value for adding new panels is also different. So, don’t follow the same procedure that you have followed before while purchasing a new system.

Here we have listed a few factors that you need to understand before moving to upgrade your solar system in 2020.

What’s Your Energy Needs:

The very first factor you should consider is your current energy cost. This determines how many new panels you would install to achieve a higher output. The number of required solar panels will depend on several factors like electricity bill after going solar, your location, system design and solar equipment. If you show your post solar electricity bill and home electrical utilities to your installer, they will find out how many further panels you should install to achieve the result you want. And Yes, most of the solar panel installers like us do it for FREE.

Space to Install New Solar Panels:

Where do you install the solar panels when your home hasn’t enough roof space? Fair point, right? If you have enough space on the roof, go with installing additional panels. But what if your home roof has constrained space. Don’t worry, the ground mount system is available. Yes, you can mount the solar panels in your backyard or other home outdoor spaces where there is no obstacle for the sunlight to reach the ground.

In short, if you are run out of the required space on the roof for installing additional solar panels, it doesn’t mean that you can’t leverage sunlight and solar system. You can also opt for other property locations like gazebos, carports, sheds, etc.

Upgrade Your Existing Solar Panel

Inverter Replacement Concerns:

The inverter is required to convert DC power generated through solar panels into AC power. Is the current inverter large enough to convert additional energy that would be generated through extra panels? The replacement of inverter Depends on how many panels you install to your solar system. If you add a few more panels onto a system and it may generate the solar energy more than your existing inverter can manage.

Currently, there are plenty of types of solar inverters available in the market. If you have installed microinverters to your system, then you need to purchase the same number of panels and inverters. Because they are located below each solar panel. This might increase your budget. So, do not just install the panels blindly, talk with the solar panel system installer first.

Permit and Interconnection:

Government Incentives:

The Australian government provides some kind of incentives including rebates, subsidies and tax credits when you install the solar panel system at your home for the first. That’s not possible mostly when you are adding some more panels to increase solar energy output. Yes, Performance-based-incentives are there but complicated. The incentives are depended on how much energy your system can generate and sometimes it may create further complications when you re-file for the solar system interconnection.


Better to consult with the solar system company before adding some additional equipment to your existing solar panel system. By signing up on the Aussies Solar System, you wouldn’t need to worry about the points mentioned above. Our team will take care of all and make your solar system larger, more efficient and more energy producer. Let’s meet over a coffee table; dial the number 1800 789 470 or simply say Hi to info@aussiesunsolar.com.au.

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How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for my home?

Can I upgrade my existing solar system?

Yes, you can absolutely upgrade your solar, and in many cases that’s exactly what people do when they add battery storage to an existing solar energy system.

Is it worth upgrading my solar?

If you’re currently exporting over 50% of your solar energy back to the grid, it’s probably not worth upgrading your system. (That is, unless you are on the old 40 cent feed-in tariff, in which case it’s in your best interest to overload your solar panel array to maximise the output of your inverter.)

Author: Sudesh Malhi

Date: January 16, 2020

Tags: solar rebates, solar upgrade

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